Sunday, June 12, 2011


3 SLEEPS, AAAGGGHHHHHH!!!! YAY can't wait though!! Above is our clothes, got it yesterday.

Finish off old job DONE

Start new job DONE

Have cats spayed DONE

Buy enough cat food for while we're gone DONE

Make sure cats and plants are cared for while we're gone DONE

Get passports back with Shegen Visa DONE

Get clothing for WTG DONE

Organise to have my meds delivered early so I have enough for the trip DONE, WAITING FOR ACTUAL DELIVERY

A lot of gymming and squash NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

Go to the university's long jump pit to practise. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

So as you can see it's only the meds are still outstanding! Still not going to gym, trying to stay healthy and shake off the last of the snottyness. Not much of that left luckily. Oh and I started packing :-) Bag just seems way too small :-(

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annelie said...

Wishing you best of luck with the games and bring back gold. 12 more days then you are with us and we are of to Wales. Love Bernie and Annelie