Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finish off old job DONE
Start new job DONE
Have cats spayed DONE
Buy enough cat food for while we're gone DONE
Make sure cats and plants are cared for while we're gone DONE
Get passports back with Shegen Visa READY FOR COLLECTION
Get clothing for WTG SATURDAY I THINK?
Organise to have my meds delivered early so I have enough for the trip DONE, WAITING FOR ACTUAL DELIVERY
A lot of gymming and squash SEE BELOW
Go to the university's long jump pit to practise. STILL NEED TO DO

So at least my list is almost done with! The only thing that has gotten in the way of my plans is cold nr 4 for the year. Yes NUMBER 4!!!! Same as the other 2, nose and throat, not much to write home about but it's messed up my training. Seem to be 1 week of hard training one week sick. Repeat. Sooo...... to stop Murphy in her tracks I'll probably not go to gym again before we leave in fear of getting another cold/ bringing an old cold back to life. I'd rather go over slightly unfit and HEALTHY. I'm not the only person who got sick from the sick lady in training (even the instructor got sick), so she's not the most popular person at work! What a way to start your new job! Cold was at it's worse on Sunday, a lot better now at least, so I'm confident that by next week Wednesday I'll be good to go.

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