Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday 19 June

WE arrived at lunchtime on Thursday, and unfortunately our hotel room wasn't ready yet, so we walked around a bit and found a pizza place where we had some pizza for lunch. When we returned to the hotel everything was ready so we unpacked and set off for sight seeing. Chris and I walked quite far and decided to have supped at the Hard Rock Cafe. AS we were walking in I heard someone shout my name, and there were one of my UK, American and Canadian fb friends! They recognised Chris and me, and we all had supper together (see pics I loaded in previous post). WE had team meeting afterwards at 9pm, and then bedtime.

On Friday we registered officially for the games, and did some shopping and sightseeing the rest of the day. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as nice as when we arrived, and it was raining quite a lot! Luckily we got these cool WTG raincoats! Very handy indeed!

Yesterday was a long day. We watched some athletics in the morning (kids), and then it was time for the opening ceremony! All the teams marched from a square in the city to the Liesberg Amusement Park. There we all met up together for the ceremony and afterwards we could go on the rides in the Park! I went on the 2 big rides, a massive wooden rollercoaster and AtmosFear, a free-falling ride! They were both amazing, AtmosFear was pretty scary too, feels like jumping off a VERY tall building!!! My jaw is stiff this morning from clenching my teeth when we fell! Feet are also sore and calves stiff from all the walking. Will load a seperate post of all the opening ceremony pics.

Today is squash practise session! Not going to play too much, already tired so need some rest for tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool Ali. I know the SA team will fly our colours high, and do us proud. Above all, you must all have FUN! AS

Anonymous said...

Geniet alles Allie!!



Anonymous said...

Geniet die Games, en good luck met jou sporte!