Sunday, May 12, 2013


Happy Mothersday to my 2 moms :-) Thanks for everything you do for Chris and I!!!

Wow it's the 12th already!!!!! Quite a few things to look forward to so not complaining that time is flying. Luckily Chris and I are over our colds, and I've been back to gym twice and played squash yesterday. A bit stiff but that's to be expected. Hoping to get back to where I was by next weekend and that I stay DISEASE FREE until the Games! Not cool to lose fitness so close to the event.

Not much else happening, last 2 weekends have been pretty uneventful. Today we had my parents over for lunch which was nice as always. Hoping the worst of month-end is over now at work so that I can start sticking to my normal hours again and be able to gym and be home at a decent time. The rest of the month should be pretty boring too but June is going to be AWESOME! Weekend away in Dullstroom with friends, my sis and Pierre coming up for a long-weekend which also includes a public holiday, yay!

Below... with our 2 moms at our wedding day, my children and a cute poster!

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