Saturday, March 1, 2014


It's March!!! Pretty much Autumn.... Which means our Amazing April holiday is coming closer... yay! (We leave here on the 12th of April for 10 days at Storms River Mouth - my happy place - a few days back in JHB and then 5 nights at Mapungubwe with my fam...altogether 3 weeks off!!!)

This week was fine, check-up was OK, all bloods perfect and everything looks and sounds great, lung function down a tiny bit again, FEV1% now sitting at 60%. FVC (capacity) at 96%. Diffusion was up a bit (can't remember the %).

Photopheresis went fine, but if I am to continue with this indefinitely then they might need to start making a plan in terms of accessing my veins. Not sure how long big vein in arm will last and they cannot use groin indefinitely. So will see what happens....

Last night we went to see a stand-up comedian Trevor Noah at Montecasino, and tonight we will be going to Gold Reef City to see Nik Rabinowitz, also a VERY funny guy! So it's pretty much comedy weekend! I was also supposed to go back to gym today after being off for quite a while, but after doing grocery shopping in some heavy rain I have been soooo lazy! So tomorrow I HAVE to go...

Next week is month-end again :-(... which means working longer hours than usual and no time for gym usually. Louzanne (one of best friends from school who lives in Stellenbosch) will also be sleeping over by us on Monday eve, YAY!!! so that will def make the week a lot better!

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