Saturday, March 8, 2014

Month end over and award

Worst week of the month at work is over, yay!!! Thank goodness... soooo tired now! Luckily I slept in this morning so that helped. Went to gym this morning for the first time in 5 weeks or so... was hell!!! But I least it's a start. Will go again tomorrow as I didn't do much today so hopefully by end of week I will have started to gain some fitness again.

So exciting news.... my blog got named as one of the top 35 CF blogs!!! Check it out here... so exciting!

Tonight it's my good friend Fawny's 1 year lungaversary party! Going to fun, and had hair coloured and treated today so going to be nice to dress up and go out! Below pics are of my PC at work... starting to get so excited about our holiday that I changed my wallpaper to the view at Storms River :-) One month and 4 days to go!!!! Also some pics of me and my 2 male kitties that sis took. They are my children!!