Thursday, January 26, 2017

Local Touristing part 2 and health checks

On Saturday Brian and I went to the Carlton Centre in the CBD, which is the tallest building on the Southern Hemisphere! It's 50 stories tall (obviously there is an elevator!!!!). Some truly amazing views!

After that we went to Nelson Mandela's house in Soweto. I haven't been there before, and it was pretty great. Definitely worth a visit.

After that we were joined by Carli again, and went out for pizza. I was pretty knackered after all of that, but it was a great change to the usual routine!

That concludes the hosting section of last week! Apart from that I have also been productive health-wise. I had my eyes tested and got new glasses and free prescription sunglasses! The good news is that my eyesight hasn't deteriorated in the last 2 years so script stays the same. Love my new frames though, and can still wear the old ones too if I feel like it :-) I had to go to the dentist as well, as I was experiencing some pain when biting on my back tooth. Turns out a part of the tooth had broken off, and luckily it could be fixed. Still feels a bit sensitive but I'm going back in a month's time for a cleaning. Not keen for more drilling though so think I will just live with the sensitive tooth!

Also had lung check-up earlier this week. Bloods were all good. Vitamin D levels only just just in the normal range, so need to increase that. Kidneys, infection counts, glucose levels were all great. Lung function has dropped, but it's a new lung function machine as well so hard to gauge by how much. Not that it really matters a heck of a lot... it's just a number at this point.

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Lapc Salinas said...

Nice photos! Glad you had a good week with good friends.