Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentines Day and relatively boring week.

I was super spoiled for Valentine's Day this year. When I went downstairs on Tuesday morning to make coffee and breakfast there was a vase full of red roses, a potted succulent, a chocolate and a very awesome card waiting for me. What an awesome surprise, not sure how Chris pulled that off exactly! We went out for Indian food in the evening at Ghazal (Melrose Arch). Their food was amazing as always, although this was actually our first time at the Melrose Arch branch, we normally go to the Sunninghill one. We were both pretty tired so we didn't stay out for long, but it was great.

The only other cool thing I did was brunch with Andrew yesterday after bio, at Milk in Rosebank. Haven't been there before, and it's so nice to try out a new place (especially in my current life situation where I feel a bit stagnant). It's right next to Circa Gallery, which I also haven't been to before, so we popped in quickly. Didn't stay long as there was some sort of class happening there but at least I know what it looks like now.

Feeling a bit bleh, in a stange mood. Next week will be much busier so hopefully I won't have time to feel bleh. Going to the gynae later today for quaterly visit, and dentist on Monday for a clean... so that's those medical boxes ticked. Have a good weekend everyone and Happy Fifth wedding anniversary to my sister and Pierre tomorrow! I know this year will be amazing for you guys!

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