Friday, June 23, 2017

Yesterday was 9 years 5 months

This week was pretty bleh again, but hopefully things will start improving soon. Yesterday was another lungaversary. pushing closer and closer to 10 years. Having quite a few lung-related dreams naturally... 2 nights ago I dreamt that I had to "prove" to someone that I can't breathe well. I tried to run, in order to show them how I will literally just pass out if I tried, but I didn't... I managed to run just fine, apart from my leg muscles not being used to it anymore. They didn't believe me that my lungs aren't working properly anymore :-( I failed the test.

I mentioned this briefly two posts ago... but it really kind-of sucks in some respects when you're in end stage organ failure but look "good". I'm really glad my weight is good and I'm not  complaining about NOT looking BAD (no person ever would!), but you get tired of hearing how "GOOD YOU LOOK" when your chest feels like it wants to explode. Rather tell me "You look like you need new lungs" LOL! Or "You look tired"... or "You sound really out of breath". That makes me feel better... like I'm not imagining these symptoms. Last time I waited for lungs I looked so much worse than now, and a lot of it is just hard work  and the result of a different lung disease.

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with my parents. Had bio on Tuesday, which was so-so. Not too bad. Did some random errands in the week, saw my nephew... nothing exciting, although seeing Adriaan grow is ALWAYS amazing.

Oh I also attended the National Colours Ceremony last weekend, representing LLGL, where the new athletes forming part of Team South Africa for the World Transplant Games were awarded they Protea blazers. The Games start on Sunday, and I feel like I should avoid Facebook to try and curb my jealousy! Wish I were also flying to Spain tomorrow.

On a positive note though, LLGL released our posters this week!!!! So proud of our hard work! Check out the posters here if you haven't seen them yet!

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