Friday, July 28, 2017

Andrew's birthday, Jo-Mari's visit, prepping for Aug and small update on the lungs

I've been so "busy"! It's great :-) By busy I mean I did one activity per day. It's all relative. Two weeks ago we celebrated Andrew's birthday with a bang! I had lunch with him on the day, and on the Friday night we went to Beefcakes in Illovo. It was such a blast, I've never had as much fun sitting down and watching a show! Had to turn my portable O2 up all the way to 5 litres!!! (Normally on 3 or 4 litres). I was useless the following day, but it was well worth it.

I received the most amazing "Open me when" package from my cousin Mia in Jeffreys Bay! It's such an awesome concept from Rare Diseases! It's a bunch of parcels with instructions like "Open me when you're scared", "Open me when you're hungry", "Open me when you're in hospital" etc. It's amazing, so far I've only opened two, so still a few to look forward to!

My university friend Jo-Mari who works in Quatar was here last weekend, so got to catch up with her as well. She had a stop-over in Joburg on her way down to PE. Such a treat.

My sis has gone back to work, so seeing much less of my cutie-pie nephew :-( Will be seeing him this weekend at least! It's my sister's 30th birthday tomorrow!!! The two of us will be going to a spa tomorrow afternoon for some pampering... wish I could make full use of the spa facilities... ie the pool, but will be freaking awesome anyway. Unfortunately I broke my stupid nail off yesterday when I picked up my laptop, so good luck to whoever has to do my nails!

I also met another lung-friend in real life this week... Martie! She has Pulmonary Hypertension. Was great finally getting to chat properly, although it wasn't for long. We will def be doing it again.

So this post is basically my life in pictures it seems... sorry! Don't really have anything substantial to say. I had a lung check-up a week ago. The only thing that has changed is that my 6 minute walk test results were crappier. I could walk the same distance (a little further than last time in fact), but my oxygen sats on 5 litres of portable O2 dropped to 77%, VS 85% in April. Saturday was exactly 9.5 years post transplant for me. Ten year lungaversary getting closer and closer...

August is going to be super busy, it's organ donation awareness month! (as well as my birthday month!!) Love Life; Gift Life has soooo much planned in terms of raising awareness in Johannesburg hospitals in collaboration with various transplant coordinators. It's going to be a good month.

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