Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Meeting Carmen in person & Louz and Wouter's visit!

I've had an amazing couple of days. It feels like my birthday or something with the friends that I've seen and the unnecessary presents that I've been surprised with! Feeling very lucky and blessed right now. Louzanne and Wouter arrived just before lunchtime on Friday. Chris and I picked them up, and we met up with Chrislie, Adriaan and Andrew at Paul for lunch. On Friday evening we had a games night ar Brendan's house which was so much fun.

On Sat we had a bit of a historical tour of Pretoria. We went to the Union Buildings and Melrose House. It was followed by a Starbucks and a completely different kind of Pretoria culture! On Sat eve we had supper at Casalinga, an Italian restaurant in Muldersdrift. I've only been there once before but the food is AMAZING. We weren't disappointed. Super busy but awesome day!

On Sunday we spent a chilled day at my parents' house. We also watched the movie "A United Kingdom", which is a must-see!!! I was pretty wiped out after Saturday's activities. Yesterday we had brunch with my sis and Adriaan in Melville, before heading for Constitution Hill. I've never been there before, and so glad I was finally able to! We didn't have time or O2 battery-life to see all of it, so need to go back at some point! If you live in Jozi, you really need to go on a guided tour there!

So all in all a brilliant weekend! Miss my friend so much, wish we lived closer to each other!!!!

Today I got to meet a NEW friend in person!!! Carmen!!! We've been chatting for a few months now, and she's in town at the moment to we met up! Yayness! It was great, like we've known each other forever. I was so spoiled with gifts, and completely unprepared to return the favour! Next time! I must say, since I stopped working and have gone onto disability, I've met so many amazing people through Love Life; Gift Life and just in general (like Carmen). Each chapter of life has it's own surprises and benefits. Trying to look past the annoying-ness and frustration of my current HEALTH situation and appreciate the quality time I've been able to spend with amazing new people and my favourite "old" people.

On a sad note though, a girl that I knew who was waiting for lungs too lost her battle on Friday :-( I wasn't expecting it to happen and really hoped that she would get lungs :-( It gives me more motivation to work hard on LLGL, but at the same time it makes me feel so hopeless and like we're fighting a losing battle sometimes... *sigh*


tinus oosthuizen said...

Dankie vir die post Al!

Alice said...

Dankie dat jy gelees het!