Sunday, August 20, 2017

In hospital

My cold didn't blow over, it just suddenly flew into my lungs. I started being feverish on Monday evening, which carried on throughout the night. On Tuesday morning it felt like my lungs were DROWNING in very gross mucus. It felt like I had instantly lost 10% lung function. It was the first time with these lungs that I needed a wheelchair to get around the hospital. I couldn't cope with walking, even with my portable O2 on max. Luckily I was able to see my Dr pretty quickly and got  admitted, had bloods, x-rays done and PICC line placed for IV's. My veins have been through too much in the last 33 years to cope well with normal peripheral IV access. A PICC line is a long line that gets pushed up from just above my elbow all the way around my shoulder towards my heart. It's an absolute blessing... makes a hospital stay much less dramatic and requiring less needle stabbings (and blown veins)... plus I have more movement available in my hand/arm.

So far the only test results of interest show that I have Rhinovirus (basically a common cold), and had a high infection count (CRP). The latter has come down a lot now at least. I'm currently on antibiotics and a higher than normal dose of steroids, although luckily that is already being decreased. Still waiting for the results of the sputum tests. Feeling loads better already. I managed to walk to the coffee shop twice yesterday (with Chris carrying my portable O2), and lungs starting to feel more open. You know you're feeling better when you are requesting earrings from home at least! (The below wasn't a bad selfie, I was checking out my ears)!

Had some great visitors yesterday... Chris was here the whole day, bringing with him a Latte and my favourite Almond croissant from The Argentinean. Then Andrew popped in with some AMAZING hot chocolate. Chrislie, my mom and Adriaan also came to visit! Haven't seen the little man in almost 2 weeks! I was feeling so sick on Sunday that I didn't want to risk making him sick. He is such a little heart thief! I was also joined for lunch/coffee by Brendan, Marius, Trevor and Ryan later in the afternoon. Even got some flowers! So everyone has really helped to make my Saturday fly past by keeping me busy! I've got some great friends and even more amazing family. Have a great Sunday!

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