Sunday, August 27, 2017

Second Sunday in Hospital

Day 12 in hospital! Nearing the end of my stay I think. Lungs aren't feeling as good as I hoped they would feel after 12 days of IV antibiotics to be honest. Pseudomonas was cultured in my sputum as I suspected, and not sensitive to many antibiotics at all... Lungs are possibly also struggling from the inflammation as a result of the Rhinovirus. So maybe they will bounce back later... I can only hope. Below is a pic of my PICC line.... as requested by some people. It's my best friend at the moment :-p

Right now my only aim is to get mucus out... it is soooooo sticky!!!!! Using Pulmozyme for the last 2 days (Inhaled medication that I haven't used in literally almost 10 years that breaks down mucus and makes it much more watery. I used it often with the old lungs). Walking also helps... as well as lying on my left side. Nothing more frustrating than hearing an orchestra in your chest and nothing comes up when you cough!!!! My infection count has also kinda just been up and down... Meeehhhhh. On the plus side my kidneys are fantastic. I love them.... thank you kidneys for putting up with 33 years of crazy meds. You rock. As do all my other organs minus the pancreas... sorry pancreas, but at least your function can be replaced by enzymes and insulin.

Had another lungaversary this week too, woohoo!! And of course the highlight of my weekend was seeing little Adriaan!!!!! I just want to cuddle him to pieces!!!! The little dude has totally stolen our hearts! Totally the highlight of the year! Not much else to report on. Enjoy the last few days of August!

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