Monday, September 4, 2017

I'm 33!! Happy (belated) Birthday to me!

This picture pretty much sums up my exact feelings about my birthday, especially this year. Let's hope 33 is the new 23... because I got lungs when I was 23! My birthday was really great though. Chris took the day off, saw my family and some of the organ donation team that we worked with in Aug. I received such amazing messages during the day as well as presents! Just an extremely warm and fuzzy day pretty much. Also - I managed to get out of hospital 2 days before the birthday so the best part about it was being HOME. Home is completely underrated, and I don't think I've ever been this happy to be home after a hospital stay. On Sat evening my mom and dad hosted a few close friends for an amazing supper on my behalf . One day I will be able to host people at our place again! I appreciated it so much though and had a great time.

One of the great things about coming home is seeing how some of my orchids have started blooming! I have quite a lot of them and literally only ONE is not going to bloom this year. (The first one was a birthday pressie so can't take credit for that flower!)

It's also been great to see Adriaan a bit more again. He is at such an adorable age, and I could just hug him forever! Right now he loves eating your hands.

Not doing much this week... catching up on admin at home, ordering meds, going to bio... they picked up another bug in the sputum sample I gave in at hosp the weekend before I was discharged... luckily it's treatable with oral antibiotics, so I'm on my second 2-week course of antibiotics now (along with my normal Zithromax and Purbac three times a week and the inhaled Colistin twice a day... so 5 antibiotics in the last month. Bleh.

Have a great Sept though! Yay for spring!!!


Ellen said...

Do you have an instagram?

Lapc Salinas said...

Belated Happy 33rd Birthday, Alice! I am SO GLAD to know that you are home and didn't have to celebrate your birthday in the hospital. Answered prayer! Adriaan is adorable. He must be teething. :)

Alice said...

@Ellen yes I do! #alicewonderland84"