Monday, December 4, 2017

First Full Week Home

I was officially discharged from hospital a week ago. My first week at home has been great. I haven't seen the kitties yet as they were sent to the cattery in order for the house to be fully cleaned and to be away from me for a period of time. They will be coming home soon though, but there will be some new rules in place for them.

My last Dr's check-up went really well, everything is going great. I should have another check-up on Thursday. The biopsy results from last Monday also showed no rejection so far. I will be having biopsies at 1,2,3, and 6 months post transplant. The black and white pic below was taken by radiology during the biopsy.

It's been great seeing family outside of hospital. And I got to properly play with Adriaan again! He still remembers me! He has grown so much in this month that I haven't seen him, it's insane!

I try to go for a walk with Chris on most days to work on my fitness and hopefully increase my lung function. Will also be going back to bio from tomorrow. Oh and I can also start driving again, yay! Been missing my independence a lot. Took some pics while walking, just cos JHB is looking so pretty after a whole bunch of rain we've had. (sorry Cape Town). My lungs want me to start running to really feel the maximum brilliance of the lungs, but my groin and ribs say NO!!!

Yesterday Chris and I went out for breakfast, after picking up a whole lot of medication from the hosp! We then chilled with some friends for the rest of the day next to the pool, making the most of the warm weather, as this week is supposed to be cold and rainy. (Yes I wore SPF 50 and didn't actually swim... lungs feel so ready though but body still as aches and pains). Thanks you for everyone's nice messages, I really appreciate all of them.

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It's that heart of gold & stardust soul that make you beautiful, keep strong!