Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ballito (part 2)

On the Monday morning in Ballito I had to go for bloods, as my Dr switched me from Prograf to Advagraf the week before (Prograf levels suddenly went crazy high and my kidneys are struggling!!!, so we're trying this.). I went to Gateway Private Hosp in Umhlanga, as it's a transplant hospital (so they are more likely to know what "Tacrolimus" is), and met up with a few transplant friends. The weather wasn't great anyway, so no beach time missed. Verdict on the Advagraf levels... it was way too low and has been increased twice since then! Having it tested again tomorrow. My veins hate me.

On Tueday we went to an amazing beach - Thompson's Beach! The sea was way too rough to swim in, but there was an amazing tidal pool and the "Hole in the Wall".

On Wednesday we went to the nicest coffee shop in a small bit of indigenous forest that the owners have rehabilitated. Waterberry Cafe. You can take a walk in the forest and we saw a Blue Duiker! Very cool. We also went to The Litchi Orchard which is has some SUPER cute shops including a nursery. ended up buying 3 plants, some baby/children's clothes and one or two decor items for the lounge. On Thursday we drove back after an amazing 6 days! It was just what we needed after many months/years of medical drama and a much reduced quality of life. May there be many more such holidays!!!


Anonymous said...

Alice, your trip is like a travelogue for me. Wonderful photos and descriptions! Yes, I hope you and Chris have many more lovely vacations!

Sherry Boyle

Alice said...

Thank you Sherry!!