Thursday, March 15, 2018

Biopsy results and New Look for the blog!

Firstly, I changed the look of the blog a bit... hope you like it! Secondly, my third biopsy was NORMAL!!! Whoop whoop! Well done lungies on being brilliant and immune system on being dumb! The lump that was removed was scar tissue basically. Hopefully there are no further strange scar tissue lumps.

Another big "thing" for me is that I slept without a sleeping pill (willingly) for the first time since July 2013 last night. There was one night where I couldn't take one because I had forgotten it at home and we slept in Dullstroom. I have come down to a quater pill since the end of January when we were in Ballito, and now I'm stopping. I'm not against taking half a pill in extreme circumstances (like when in hospital), but I don't want to be reliant on them anymore. I started taking it when my chronic rejection progressed rather quickly at a certain point and we were waiting for photopheresis approval. I also started anxiety meds then, and it all worked together well. However now it's time to let the sleeping pills go. The meds I'm on makes it harder to sleep, but for the first five years of my first transplant I managed to sleep fine without any help, so hoping to go back to that. And goodness knows my kidneys don't need extra meds to process.

Something interesting.... with my old CF lungs, I had quite a bit of clubbing. Not as bad as these pics on Wikipedia, but still significant. However after my transplant it basically went away completely. It returned again a little bit when my previous lungs got quite bad. Now it's going away again... if you look closely at the above pic, you can see how it's "growing out", and the new nail is flatter. This ib not super scientific, but just my observation. Very interesting and cool. 

On Sunday we celebrated my dad's birthday. It was a great day, with little Adriaan stealing the show as usual! On Saturday we're leaving Jozi for two weeks!!! We're going down to East London for 3 night to visit my cousin, then to PE for 4 nights to catch up with friends etc, and then STORMS RIVER MOUTH!!!! The ultimate place of  holidays, love, hiking, forest and ocean! We will be there for 6 nights. I have been looking forward to this for AGES, and it was a big motivational goal during the wait for lungs and my transplant. My "Happy Place".

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Anonymous said...

Such a joy-filled post!! Praising God for all His blessings to you and your family.
Sherry Boyle