Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dad's birthday, Biopsy and Lump-thingy

Firstly, yesterday was my dad's birthday!!! We'll be celebrating with lunch on Sunday! He's the best dad we could ask for! It might sound like a cliche but it's true!

On Monday I had a lung check-up. I was a bit worried about my lung function because I've been a bit sick since Friday with a head-cold. I didn't thing that it had gone to my lungs but it's the first time with these lungs that I've been "sick". To my surprise the lung function was up by 2%! Yayness!!!! And my CRP was only 11 (infection marker... 11 is low). X-ray and rest of bloods were fine too.

So about a month ago I felt a strange lump just above my scar on the left side. Like a little movable "ball". Quite freaky to be honest. With my appointment 2 weeks ago my Dr said we can just keep an eye on it. It had been feeling bigger for the last few days and Dr confirmed it on Monday, and said it has to be removed asap. He wasn't sure what it was, but glad he decided to have it removed, because things that move on your rib cage feels strange. So it was scheduled for yesterday, along with a biopsy while I was in theatre anyway. (If it hadn't been for the alien lump we would have skipped the biopsy for now, seeing as lungs are doing well.)

Everything went well. Biopsy was fine. Woke up with a pressure bandage where the lump was but no pain at least. Had to spend the night in hospital as there was quite a lot of bleeding apparently with the removal. The initial verdict is that it is a stitch that my body had reacted to and had scar tissue formed around it. Hopefully it doesn't happen with more stitches?? I don't even know where exactly it came from! Apparently there is also a very tiny one on the far left side close to my armpit but it's so small my body "will take care of it"... Alien lump was sent off to pathologists. A new scar!

As I was admitted to my room (my lucky room that I was in after both my transplants!), they took my vitals, and seeing 100% O2 sats is so cool. Actually I think this is also a really "lenient" machine, as my sats are normally 97% or something, but it was great to see. I'll take a friendly monitor like this any day! Plus it can't be TOO far off, it's used in a hospital! The x-ray below was from when I was in recovery. You can see where the pressure bandages were on the right side of the x-ray picture (so over left lung).   

Bandages are off now, just some micro-pore tape over the new (dissolvable!!!) stitches. Hopefully the biopsy results come back great, like with the previous two. Not much other news really, but think this enough for a proper update!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Lots of good news here. Glad the lump is gone!
Sherry Boyle