Sunday, April 1, 2018

Coastal Roadtrip Part 1 - Gonubie

On Saturday the 17th we started our coastal road-trip. It consisted of 3 nights in Gonubie with my cousin Elette and her hubby Gareth. Then on to Port Elizabeth, my hometown, for 4 nights, and finally 6 nights at Storms River Mouth... My favourite place, out honeymoon destination and the place we always go back to. 

We drove up the coast on the Sunday, all the way to the Great River Kei, and had lunch in Morgan Bay. This part of the coast definitely has a much "wilder" feel than the PE side. The sea was quite brown the Sunday, but was better the Monday. There are so many rivers all over, mouthing into the sea. Some beautiful landscapes!

Elette and Gareth have the cutest two sheepdogs, Panda and Lima. We took them for a walk on the Monday morning at the Gonubie River Estuary. It's BEAUTIFUL there.

We had a really great time, and it was so cool catching up. Elette's expecting a baby girl, and we can't wait to meet her! We also managed to grab a coffee with Robyn, my long-standing World Transplant Games Roomie from back in 2009, in East London. Will be seeing her again in July at the National Games.


Anonymous said...

I love reading about your travels, Alice. It must be so great to be able to breathe well and not have people stare!!!

Alice said...

Thank You! Yes it's super awesome to be able to just blend in and have fun!