Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happy birthday to my mom and National Transplant Games

In a month and 2 days' time it's the start of the National Games!!! So nervous!!! My month of diarrhea set me back so much in terms of fitness, but I'm working hard at getting ready! I've gained back more than 3kg of the 6kg that I'd lost, and been exercising regularly and hard. I can only do my best and hope that it will be enough! My biggest fear right now is getting flu or something, so doing my utmost best NOT to get sick. But it's so hard with winter and sick people everywhere :-(

Life's been back to normal since Mauritius. My kidneys are a lot better than before the trip. Will have them tested again on Friday. Yay for the new anti-rejection medication combo! Celebrated 2 birthdays this weekend... Fawn and my mom's.

On Thursday we attended "Dinner in the Dark" in Pretoria. It was a Round Table event to raise money for vision-related stuff (my scientific explanation!). It was very nice and felt like we were eating food from Masterchef! There were glasses that we could wear to simulate various eye diseases... it kind of freaked me out and I think I need to go see an optometrist soon!! I thought not being able to breathe is hard... but not being able to see properly was HORRIBLE.

On Friday morning Talia (lung transplant friend) and I missioned through to Vereeniging for a hospital awareness session at the Medi-Clinic. Always a very feel-good activity. It was so cold in the morning though... really not a fan of winter!!!!

The week ahead will consist of some meetings, work-outs, medical stuff... may they all be successful. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alice, I lost track of you over the last couple of years and earlier today you popped into my thoughts and I wondered how you were doing with your lungs. I hoped online and looked you up. What a journey you've had over the last few years but a HUGE congratulations on getting your second set of lungs! How awesome to have another chance at living life without struggling to breathe! I wish you all the best as you move forward with this new chapter in your life. I'll be popping in a little more often and cheering you on from Canada!
Cheers - Kim

Alice said...

Wow thanks Kim! Glad I popped into your thoughts! :-)