Thursday, March 14, 2019

More surgery :-( and holiday

So the result of my reflux tests showed that my previous Nissen Funduplication was done TOO TIGHTLY.... the opposite of what I was expecting. I thought that it had become undone or gotten loose, and that's why reflux was back, but in fact it was done so tightly, that food has not been going into my stomach, but has been lying at the bottom of my esophagus, causing discomfort that felt like heartburn. So I've been wasting my time and money on antacids and other reflux pills. Even though it isn't reflux, it still carries the risk of damaging my lungs and causing rejection.

So on the 27th of March I'll be having surgery to re-do the Nissen Funduplication. I'm kind of dreading it. My first one was super painful, and it took months before I could eat normally again. Maybe that's because it was done too tightly, but it was very unpleasant. Apart from that, it's also just ANOTHER hurdle in my battle to just be able to get fit again after my 2 Achilles tendon repair operations. It feels like the last 6 months have really been one thing after the other, all of it very frustrating. All of these surgeries have also meant that I cannot go back to my anti-rejection medication of choice yet... Certican, as it prevents wound healing. I love Certican because it's so much easier on the kidneys, and it's essentially a cancer drug, which has kept my cervical problems at bay. My blood pressure is also much better on it. Plus it's smaller to swallow! It's just a win all around! AND it doesn't make you hairy like the Neoral! So if I could just stop having problems that require surgery, that would be great.

My lung check-up on the 7th went well. We mostly just discussed the upcoming surgery, and my Dr said that this new diagnosis possibly explains why my medication levels are all over the show. My gastric clearing issues are obviously affecting the absorption of my medication, so it HAS to be fixed asap.

Right now we're on holiday at Storms River Mouth. It's beautiful here as always, and it's nice to have a break from Joburg and daily life. We cannot hike the way we normally do here, as I'm still in the moon-boot, but we managed to walk to the suspension bridges yesterday at least. My right leg is a bit stiff today from compensating for the left leg! My wound is looking great though.... finally. It's completely closed up now... 3 MONTHS after I was operated on the second time. Talk about slow healing. I've also spent an hour on the phone with the pharmacy trying to sort out medication for after the Nissen surgery, and have had scheduling problems with the Achilles surgeon that still needs to be resolved, and I'm stressed out about the upcoming op, so I haven't been chilling on this holiday like I hoped I would be able to. Mostly my own fault, for stressing about something I cannot control, but it is what it is.

On the way down here, I got to meet my cousin's baby for the first time. Lily-Ann. Such a super cutie pie. Tomorrow we go inland a bit to the wedding of a close university friend, Daniel. Looking forward to that!

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Anonymous said...

Alice, so sorry to hear about all your frustrations. Know that you are in my prayers for healing. Glad there are some bright spots here and there -- holiday time, baby, wedding. Try to focus on those and make the best of the rest. Sending love.
Sherry Boyle