Sunday, February 22, 2009

13 MONTHS!!!!!!

So it's 13 months after transplant today!!!!! Wow, time really is flying.. Had a fab weekend. Spent lots of time with Chris, saw a movie, drove around a lot helping C shop for a new car, and... best part, went to Pretoria so see Andrew who was here visiting his sister!!! Saw him for longer than I did at Christmas, so that was great. All of us went out for lunch today, where I had awesome chicken in beer and mushroom sauce :-D

The movie we saw was 7 Pounds starring Will Smith... it's basically about organ transplantation, and very thought provoking. Overall I liked it quite a lot, even though all the facts weren't medically accurate, but they were close enough. To see Emily's blog post about the movie, go here... Pretty much explains how I felt about it too. I especially connected with the part where Emily (not the same Emily as in the movie, lol!, the main character (apart from WS), who is waiting for a heart, said that she misses being able to travel. I remember being stuck in PE, waiting for THE CALL, and not being able to leave the city. I might not have even left the city in that year anyway, but just the fact that I wasn't ALLOWED to leave, in case the call comes, as well as the fact that I was O2-bound, was really horrible.

This week will be busy as always... on Tuesday I'm attending the first Organ Donor Foundation Working Committee Meeting!!!! Pretty excited about that. We will probably be discussing means of raising more awareness about organ donation etc, which is obviously something I have a passion for.

Anyway, have to go get ready for bed and the week etc now... but will post again during the week.

P.S. One of my facebook friends who had her lung transplant 3 months prior to me (and my age, also CF), Ashley, has been diagnosed with chronic rejection... I'm really bummed about it, as she's been so happy since her transplant and have started studying again etc. I also looked up to her for motivation while waiting on the list, and her story gave me lots of hope. It just reminds me that life is short and you have to enjoy EVERY minute. At the end of my life, whenever that might be, I want to look back and be happy about how I spent my time and know that I have no regrets and my "extended life/second chance" meant something. This time of feeling awesomely healthy and having "normal lungs" must be APPRECIATED... I can do nothing but thank God for this unbelievable gift I received. And will ALWAYS be greatful to my donor and her fam for what they did.


Anonymous said...


Baie geluk met die 13 maande! Het nou jou latest blog entry gelees en wou net weet wat "chronic rejection" beteken?


Chrislie René said...

Hi Allie!
Baie geluk met 13 maande!
Mis jou regtig baie. Emma ook... Wanneer kom kuier jy?