Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Weekend etc...

So my weekend was pretty great. Spent all my time with people I love (parents, Chris, family), did very cool shopping, saw an awesome show (Dancing Queen, a tribute to queen and ABBA), had the most yummy buffet lunch on Sunday in Pretoria at a very nice outside resturant, went out for coffee twice, etc. So I'm pretty bummed that the week has started again :-( Was also very very nice to be able to sleep 'till 8am!!!!!

So today was back to the rat race... woke up at 3am, and couldn't sleep again cos I know I have to get up at 4am. Was the first one at work again and used that alarm code I learnt last week. Had 3.5 hours of training with some people from the other branches, and ate way too much, as it was 3 peoples' birthdays yesterday and the all brought yummy cakes and savoury stuff to work today.
Went to gym after work, which was frustrating because it too forever to find parking, the gym was full, and I wasn't in the mood. Also irritated because my dad and 2 people at work are sick... and now I feel like I might be sneezing more than usual and being all paranoid (or am I?). I just really don't want to get sick now....
Anyways... the rest of my week will be busy as usual. Getting up at 4am, work, going to Chris after work tomorrow, Church cell and gym on Wednesday, Greys anatomy with Jenny on Thursday (we're got 2 episodes to catch up on!), and then it's weekend again!!!!! Have a good week!

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