Thursday, February 26, 2009


Is how I’m feeling, for various reasons.

Firstly, I went for bloods on Monday, and on Tuesday my Dr called saying my CMV virus count is high… which means I’ve got CMV virus. I’m not feeling any different really (except tired, but think that’s because of my lifestyle, not some virus), and the only reason they picked it up was routine bloods. So now I’m back on Valcyte, which I took for 11 months after transplant and have not been taking for 2 months. Obviously my body wants Valcyte!!!! (And taking into consideration how ridiculously expensive that stuff is I’m definitely HIGH MAINTAINANCE!!!). Rest of the bloods were all good though.

Secondly, work is crazy. I’m working hard 11 hours a day, with no real lunch-break. It’s tiring and stressful but also educational and challenging. All I know is that my 2 breaks (going to Cape Town and PE) in April can’t come fast enough!!!! I’ve even lost weight.

Thirdly, I’m struggling to find time to study. The only time I get to study is if I get up at 4am, but sleep is so precious when I’m working this hard L So I’m feeling guilty about that.
Fourthly, I’m not training as hard for the Games as I should (too tired and busy). So I’m feeling guilty about that too. Got a bit of sponsorship at least, which is great.

Lastly, I’m not seeing Chris nearly as much as I would like to, and that makes me unhappy :-(
So all in all I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself, and can’t wait for the weekend… to sleep till 7 or 8am (my body does not want to sleep later than that, no matter how hard I try. Stupid internal clock.), hang out with Chris, catch up on some eating, and play some squash… all the nice things!!!


Anonymous said...

I've told you before and now I'm telling you again....
You're a nutter Alice just live with it.
Peter (CMV free) Leid

Anonymous said...

Me and my big mouth, CMV viral load of 39,410 last night so I'm back on Valcyte too. I knew I was tempting fate yesterday when I signed off as (CMV free)... Laat dit vir my 'n les wees.
Peter Leid

charm said...

Alice, Alice, Alice - now you know that you are Superwoman and have put a lot of us to shame - but dearie - dont go "killing" yourself and overdoing it - you are meant to live, love and enjoy your life. As much as you think your bod can endure - you still need rest and looking after yourself - life long situation here cookie - lol - stay young and fresh always, Charm