Sunday, March 1, 2009

A bit more relaxed...

Had a very non-eventfull relaxing weekend with Chris. Just what I needed! We watched 2 DVD's this afternoon (one funny, one scary), went to gym yesterday and today, and sorted out a few stuff with his car yesterday morning. (Chris got a new car... don't think I've mentioned it! Silver Polo TDI diesel sportline with leather seats and a sunroof!!!! I might have left out some details that car-crazy people will notice, but that's the important stuff as far as I'm concerned :-) Wait 'till I get behind the wheel of that...

The pic is one I took on Thursday morning on the way to work. Joburg skyline @ just before 6am! It was so pretty I just had to stop and take a pic on my phone! Luckily it's a quiet road just outside where we stay, so no traffic (because there IS traffic at 6am...)

Other news... on Thursday while gymming I feel a funny feeling in my chest. I can't explain it, as it wasn't a sharp pain or anything. The only stupid explanation I could think of is that it felt like my lung was nervous. Like butterflies in your tummy, but in my right lung when I'm breathing deeply. So on Friday I went to see my Dr (lung Dr, not pshycologist, lol!!!!), just to be safe rather than sorry. Well my lung functions were fine, and chest sounded "brilliant". This weekend when I was gymming, and especially with squash today, it felt the same. BUT I've realised it's only when I'm keeping myself upright. When I'm on the stationary bike with a back-rest and can sit back while cycling or lie down I don't feel a thing. So... I'm going to suppose it's a muscle that I somehow hurt or something. Anyway... time will tell!!!

Another annoying thing is that I'm feeling SOOO lethargic when gymming. Like my body is just tired. So it's either a) CMV or b)being too busy. I'm going to blame option "a". Damn virus!!!! Hopefully the R18 000 per month pill I'm taking for 3 months (at least) sorts that out. Because I'm not going to stop being busy.

Apart from that I have no complaints. Going to try and write my exam for work next Friday, so that I can sleep a bit more. Going to count out my medication for the week now, and then start getting ready for bed. Hope you have a great week!


Kelly said...

*squeaks* How much?!! I've just done a currency converter and even in £££ that is a LOT of money for your CMV medication :-(

You sound so incredibly busy at the moment. I'm wishing you lots of luck for your exam, not least because you might get a bit of rest once you've done it! Although, knowing you, I daresay you will find other things to pack into your days ;-)

Hope the twingy muscle eases up soon.


Chrislie René said...

Pas jouself mooi op Alice! Om jou aan die gang te hou is verskriklik duur.
Bly jy het 'n rustige naweek gehad.
Goed gaan!

Cheri (prounounced Cherry...really!) said...

Alice....I've been following your blog since right before you got your new lungs. I found you from Nathen and Tricia's blog. Anyway, I hate you are feeling tired and I am no expert but I am a Mama. My doctor has always told me, when you feel tired.....REST!!!! I realize your life is much more complicated than I can imagine, but take good care of YOU!!!! I pray that God lets this feeling pass! Cheri in Jackson, MO USA