Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend and JP Morgan and stuff

Another weekend over :-( Not that it was the best ever, mostly studying, but was nice to be able to sleep till like 7:45am at least, and see Chris.

So the most exciting thing about last week was the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge... even though I wasn't really looking forward to it and felt pretty lazy. I stuck with 2 guys from work throughout the race, and they had no mercy. We ran the downhill when we could (was VERY crowded), and walked the uphill FAST. Our time was pretty lousy though, 1 hour 4 mins, but it's not a true reflection, as there were 12 000 people competing, and when the gun went off, we practically stood still for like 10 mins, and then moved slowly for quite a while. The weather was great at least, and afterwards we got a medal for finishing, t-shirt, a bag and a cap. What's more is that I probably walked like 10 km altogether that evening, as we parked pretty far, so had to walk at least a km uphill to get to out tent, and then another 1.5km or so to walk to the starting line! After the race I walked around the cricket field a few times too, looking for our tent! What a mission...

Surprisingly though I wasn't stiff afterwards! I was preparing for not being able to walk on Sat, but NOTHING... legs were tired on Friday, but no stiffness, which is great.

This week is going to be pretty rough, BUT I'm getting 2 days study leave, which should help A LOT! And Tuesday night is Milpark hospital's transplant evening, where all the lung and heart recipients, people on the waiting lists, doctors and nurses etc come together to social! It was a great event last year, so looking forward to it very much!

Anyway, I've got to study some for and get ready for the week and into bed! The pics were all taken at the Challenge with my phone, and most of them pretty blurry cos I was walking, but hope you enjoy! Have a good week...


Anonymous said...

Lekker week vir jou en ek hoop dit gaan baie goed met die eksamen!!!

Katelyn said...

It looks like the placed was packed.