Friday, March 27, 2009

Update and news...

MY SISTER’S COMING TO VISIT NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO excited, as I haven’t seen her since Xmas… Already planning all the things that we’re going to get up to!!! She’s landing on Thursday morning and leaving again on Monday morning. Only 6 sleeps….

Also, I’ve found a coach for the 3km race walk!!!! He’s from the university, and my first training session is tomorrow morning at 8am at the track… pretty nervous, as I’ll be training with other (non-transplant and very fit) athletes… but it’s something I have to do, and after the first time it’ll be easier to go!! So wish me LUCK… I also gymmed 4 times this week, so calves are a bit stiff… hopefully they’ll be fine tomorrow.
I went to the Transplant Group Network meeting

for the first time last night, and it was very cool… mostly people waiting for transplant and a few post transplant. Dominee Japie, die guy who councilled me before I got pushed in theatre and talked to my parents and prayed with us led it, so was great to see him again too. Wish I had a meeting like that to go to pre-tx… it’s really an excellent tool.

What else? Oh, I’m going to be featured in an article about the WTG! Had an interview and going for photo-shoot on Tuesday afternoon!!! Should be fun!

Don’t think there’s much happening this weekend, apart from my training session, but should be nice to relax a bit, as the following weekends will be BUSY with road-trips and weddings and parties!!!!!! April’s definitely going to be one AWESOME month :-D

Had bloods done again this week to see how my CMV virus is doing, but haven’t got the results back yet, as my Dr’s been at some lung converence in Brussels the whole week. Should hear on Monday by the latest, but feeling so much more energetic and not slightly nauseous anymore, so I’m sure the gastly expensive pills did their job…

Anyhow… have a good weekend!!!

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