Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tough test and great weekend!

Friday's test was DIFFICULT... and seeing as I need 65% to pass, I'm not sure if I will... either way, if I don't, it was good seeing what the test is like etc for next time... won't be as much in the dark then!

This weekend's been great! Chris and I joined up with my dad, grandad, aunt, uncle and cousin at a game reserve called Loodswaai. What makes it a special place is that it's the farm right next to my grandad's old farm that he sold in 2000 or so. It's quite primative, but cool. No electricity (another thing I couldnt do pre-transplant), cooking on the fire or a gas stove etc. Even boiling water for coffee is a bit harder than just puthing a button on a kettle...

Had some interesting things happen... it rained REALLY hard and a lot. At some point last night I was worried that we'd be stuck there!!! Also, when Chris went to his room, there were 2 BATS busy mating in there... really really really scary and disgusting!!!! So we both ended up sleeping in my dad's room downstairs where there's a proper ceiling and no bats!!! Went in there again this morning, and Chris got a pic of the bats... still there and sleeping. (the owners said the bats will have to be shot, as nothing seems to keep them away...) Didn't sleep too greatly last night, as was worried about being stuck and not having enough medication with me... also, I'm someone who goes to the loo at least once per night, which meant going out in the rain to walk to the bathroom... not fun! So I'm pretty tired tonight, and looking forward to a 9 hour sleep tonight!!! As my exam is over (for now at least), I'll be sleeping till just before 6 again, and not getting up at 4am!!!

So anyway... going to have a glass of warm milk now with my meds, and then off to bed. Have a good week!!! Hope you enjoy the pics!!!!


Bree said...

I'm sure you did fine missy! You're a smart cookie!!!!!

Vilhelm F Erichsen said...

We hope to see you at Loodswaai again and come and recover even more. Regards The Erichsen family