Wednesday, March 4, 2009

mid-week update!

Good news, been feeling a lot more energetic!!! And less nauseous (felt a bit nauseous for the last 2 weeks as a result of the CMV)... Last night Chris and I played some squash and gymmed and I felt and played a 100 times better than on Sunday. YAY! So I'm ready for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (5.6km) run/walk tomorrow. Well physically ready that is, as I'm pretty lazy to go, seeing as it only starts at 18:30, so I'll be getting home late, which means I'll get to bed late :-( But sure I'll have fun in the end. Hope it doesn't rain!!!

Also, I'VE GOT A DATE FOR MY EXAM!!!! Friday the 13th. (I chose the date, not supersticious, lol!) So 11 days of studying left, and getting up at 4am. It's going to be tough, but then I can breathe a bit again!!!

Got an e-mail last night from a publicist representing a Don Warner, a guy who wrote a memoir about his duaghter who had CF, called WALKS ON THE BEACH WITH ANGIE... "For the month of March, Mr. Warner is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book to help send kids to Camp Pelican in Louisiana. Camp Pelican is for kids with CF and other pulmonary disorders" So to find out more about Mr Warner, the book, or the camp, go here: Obviously primarily for the US readers (the camp), but I would've loved to go to that type of thing when I was younger.

So enjoy the rest of your week, only 2 days left till the WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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