Wednesday, December 2, 2009


WOW another one of my friends getting lungs today!!!!!!! I first met Lynn when she had her work-up, somewhere during last year, and she was following my blog before that. When I got the text message from her this morning driving to work that she got the call late last night I got Goosebumps all over (first time ever that's happened), and probably almost caused some accidents! She's from Cape Town, but has been waiting in JHB for a year now. However she was getting sick of waiting all alone with the rest of her fam and friends being in CT, so she was planning on going back to CT on the 10th of Dec, and rather wait there for lungs, with the risk of not getting to JHB in time should the call come... I was still joking with her brother saying it's always a good idea to tempt Murphy :-) I went to say bye to her old lungs during lunchtime today, and she went into theatre a while before 6pm SA time, and heard just now that the donor lungs are all good and ready to give her her life back! So please pray all goes well, strength for the surgeons etc! SSOOOO HAPPPYYYY for her! Was thinking on my way home frm work, @ last year's heart/lung tx function I was the only young person there, now we're 4 :-D

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