Thursday, December 17, 2009

over 200,000 visitors!

I was trying to get a pic when it reached exactly 200,000, but you people are too fast! Thanks for still reading this, even though there's not as much action and drama anymore, lol :-) WHICH IS A GOOD THING!

Soooo the pic below was taken exactly 2 years and 2 days ago. I've posted it before, but it's one of the few pics I have where I look and feel REALLY crappy. As you can see I wasn't even that happy with it being taken! The reason I'm posting it is because after what happened to Lynn, I realise EVEN MORE how blessed I am. It's SO EASY for something to go wrong in that operation. But mine didn't go wrong, and I'm here today, healthy and happy and BREATHING. I've been having a few anxious dreams (between my not being able to sleep) where in the dream I get rejection and can't breathe :-( And then it feels so familiar and I freak out. However after sleeping yesterday afternoon (was public holiday) and about 9 hours last night without a sleeping pill, the feeling has passed. Also had a gym workout just to affirm that my lungs do in fact work FINE. Let's hope the sleeping trend continues! I wanted to be relatively rested when I go on holiday IN A WEEK'S TIME!

Yes, that's right, exactly next Thurday this time Chris and I will be landing in Cape Town to spend Christmas with his family! It'll be my first Chritmas away from home... so it's rather exciting. We then fly to Port Elizabeth on the 29th to spend New Years with my family! Then back to the grindstone on the 4th of Jan :-(


Anonymous said...

Jep...en Januarie maand is dit al 2 jaar ook!!!! In die tyd het ek 'n kans gehad om jou te leer ken...iets wat ek nooit sou kon doen nie en daarvoor sal ek altyd dankbaar bly.

Jou nig in Pretoria

Rene said...

So dankbaar vir die amper twee jaar!!!!! Se├źninge wat ons ontvang het is sooo oorvloedig.



PS liefde van Chrislie

drained in sj said...

Glad things continue to go well.