Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend and another Lynn update.

Had an extremely busy weekend, which I love of course, although this one could maybe have been a bit quieter... We spend Friday eve and Sat with family, my cousin from New Zealand and his friend is visiting! Haven't seen him in more than 2 years, when I still had the old lungs, so was very nice. Sunday was even busier, with church, baby shower picnic, went to chill and swim at Jolandi's house, and then went on to visit Lynn. Will post pics one of these days...

Lynn's still stable and slowly moving in the right direction. She was put on ECMO on Thursday, and they might take her off it on Wednesday and hopefully the vent can take over. She's also being slowly woken up. So I'm assuming the next few days are VITAL... please continue to keep her and her fam (and the donor fam) in your prayers.

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