Monday, May 3, 2010

Breathe Easy Gustav...

So the guy I wrote about excitedly yesterday passed away... I can't believe it... it's incredibly sad to say the least. 24 hours ago his family was full of hope and anticipation, and now they've got nothing. It doesn't feel real yet. He had a blog, mostly in Afrikaans... but a while back he wrote a poem in Eng to a friend of his who died from lung cancer. I want to copy it here and dedicate it to him:

My friend may you find wings
to fly away to a land far from here
may you never look back and wish
that you were rather here, may you find
a place to rest your soul and may
you find that place soft and warm, a
cradle for your tired being

May your eyes never cry again
and may you see a view worth
waiting for and may your labors
not have been in vain
May you find a soothing song whispered
to the ears of your soul and may
you never again hunger in any way

May all your fears and pain be left
behind in this broken land and the place
you now reside be filled with love
and laughter all around and may you
never be in want of anything ever
again but find that you are now
cared for in a very special way.
Gustav Odendaal 25/03/2010

On a different note, got my biopsy results at least today... No cancer or abnormal cells, so that's good! Why am I so lucky?

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful poem that he wrote.
May he too find comfort in it.