Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy mothers day to all the moms out there and ESPECIALLY my mom!!!! Even though it always (and still does, although doesn't happen as often anymore) irritated me when she's been overly caring, and always checking up on me, I wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world. Thank you for all those times you forced me to eat (hard to imagine now...), forced me to drink more Ensure, made me wear the thickest jackets, got up and made me tea when I was coughing my lungs out all night, fetching stuff for me when I didn't have the breath to walk, buying clothes for me when I couldn't shop, the list goes on... God knew I was going to be a demanding child to raise, so He chose you to be my mom!!!

Baie lief vir mamma en wens ek was vandag daar xxx

Wow, time flies! Less than 3 months to go to the wedding (Friday was 3 months), and 6 sleeps until we get the keys for our place!!! SOOOOO EXCITED for next Saturday!!! Wishing this week would just fast forward past. We bought our fridge and washing machine yesterday, also to be delivered on Sat with the couches. Will post pics!!! We're having some friends over to watch the rugby on Sat eve, and more for coffee on Sunday afternoon.

Had transplant check-up last week, bloods were all good, everything's fine. Still waiting for CMV results, but even if it's positive it just means 1 extra pill per day for 3 months. YAY!!! This coming week on Thursday is the yearly Milpark Hosp transplant function. It's always a great event, with some speeches, gifts (tree we got last year still growing in a pot and will soon be in our garden!), yummy snacks, seeing medical staff and patients I haven't seen in a while... lots of fun. Really looking forward to it.
Hope your weekend was good as well, hoping the week goes fast til Wednesday!

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Rene said...

Baie dankie vir hierdie mooi 'post'.

Dit was so 'n voorreg om jou en Chrissie groot te maak; as ek kon kies, sou ek julle kies, jy met jou cf en alles.

Daar was nooit 'n 'dull moment' met jou nie, selfs terwyl jy 24/7 op suurstof was, wanneer ek by die huis gekom het na werk, het jy altyd iets gehad om te vertel.

Lief vir julle.