Monday, May 24, 2010

OK time for a proper update. As you can see from previous pics, we have moved into the house! Chris is now living there, and I’m visiting, lol. Wish I could just fast forward time to the wedding, but I know that life’s too precious to fast forward time. The recent sad events in the transplant community have made me realise that more than ever. So I’m patiently enjoying the exciting build-up to the BIG DAY… Speaking of which, I got a call today that my dress has arrived!!!!! So I’m going on Sat to pay the outstanding balance, and then in July for the final fitting (hoping to lose like a kilo or 2 before the wedding, haha, not good with dieting, so used to the opposite scenario).

Apart from the house and wedding plans, not much news… had a bit of a housewarming on Sat eve, which was very nice. Went to gym after work and watched Greys with Jenny afterwards tonight.

Hope your Monday wasn’t too blue and have a good week!

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Destini said...

So exciting! I can remember the build up and anticipation of the wedding. You will blink and it will be over! Savor these moments. Life happens waaaay to quickly :)