Saturday, September 18, 2010

I love SATURDAYS!!!!!

Especially after the week I've had! Work was so intense, worked late 2 days of the week, didn't gym as much as I was supposed to, had a performance review, and they came to fix our ceiling yesterday finally! The new carpet's colour was wong, but hopefully they'll fix that with the correct carpet today so we can move back into our room! It's been over 4 weeks now of sleeping in the spare bedroom or study. I was so tired last night that for the first time EVER I fell asleep in front of the TV at 8pm... Chris all romantically carried me upstrairs when I woke up... just for me to realise I'd have to go downstairs again to drink my meds... bummer. So at least I got in a good nights sleep last night!

On today's agenda is visiting my friend in hosp (the one I blogged abt last Sat), going to Transplant Group Network meeting... and then the part I'm most looking forward to: GARDENING! Now that it's spring everything is growing SO NICELY and we've adopted a little bird in our garden (we called him Boba), he's yellow with a black face (some a yellow breasted weaver I think?) He's built 2 nests in our tree but his wife/female bird/lover keeps on destroying them. So right now it doesnt seem like he's got a nest going, but he's still hanging around, so we'll have to wait and see! See the pics I've posted above!

Hope you have a great weekend, this coming week has another anniversary in store for me! 32 months!

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