Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'M 26!!!!!!!!!

OK so I changed my background again, just because this one feels more like SPRING, and it’s my first day of being 26! My birthday was pretty cool yesterday! Started with coffee and a present on the mattress (would have said “in bed”, but we’re still sleeping in the study on 2 little mattresses while we wait for our ceiling to be fixed.) Work was OK, not hectically busy and crazy, so that was good. The plans for after work was that Chris and I go to my favourite restaurant THE MEAT COMPANY for supper, but when we got there Chris had organized a surprise, and a few of our close friends were there! So it was like a little party, SO NICE!!!! Had arguably the best ribs I’ve EVER had, which was a bonus :-)

This weekend I’ll be doing more celebrating, and one of my bestest and longest friends Louzanne will be coming up as well! Also going to JOBURG DAY, which I’ve never been to, but is an annual event and very popular. It’s basically an outside music concert lasting the whole day, so you take picnic stuff etc and chill out on the grass and listen to live bands. We bought a dining room table, which should be delivered on Friday, so then we can start entertaining properly! SO EXCITING!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week… almost weekend!


Colleen said...

Happy Birthday. I hope your life is filled with many more wonderful birthdays, Cyster!


Lovin Lane said...

Happy Birthday... May your year be filled with much much happiness!!! Marcy

drained in sj said...

Happy Birthday. Glad you continue to do well.