Friday, February 25, 2011

Breakaway from the photo challenge...

Just a quick breakaway to do a normal post! AAHHHHH FEB IS ALMOST OVER!!!!! Where the hell did the month go? Not complaining though, means it's closer to our OVERSEAS trip! So excited I can burst... all the finances seem to be sorted now. So hard part is over! Going overseas with my hubby is one of my dreams come true!

Work has been good this week, not too bad. All the changes that are happening with the new company that has bought us are quite interesting! Definitely going to be a more exciting year than last work-wise.

Had a great week socially as well. Louzanne (see photo challenge Day 2) has been in Joburg for work this week, so she's been staying over here by us! So Monday night we invited Andrew over and has some pasta, had a great time! Tuesday Chris and Louz and I went out to my current favourite restaurant Grand Central in Melrose Arch (their grilled cheddar and caramalised onion burger is my favourite burger EVER!). Wednesday night we just had a braai (BBQ) at home, and went to check out Andrew's new townhouse he bought! We weren't really planning on seeing Louz again last night (she had meeting in the afternoon and went straight to airport), but due to a house-keys slip-up, we had to go to the airport too and ended up having supper there! So yeah, not a very "healthy" week, but did get in a tiny gym session yesterday before the key-crisis! And according t the gym's unreliable machine, lost a bit of weight and body fat.

Been awake now since like 3AM, mind too busy for sleep :-( Have to get up for work in an hour's time. Obviously then I'll fall asleep again in 45 mins time, just so that I'll feel like a bus hit me when I DO have to wake up! Damn you Murphy! Anyway, at least it's Friday! Tomorrow moring's going to be busy... have our first regional SATSA (SA Transplant Sports Assoc) meeting for Gauteng, where we'll be electing the committee. Going to be intereting! Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be quiet, with a bit of squash thrown in!

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