Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 6 - A picture of you fave band/artist.

This was a tough one, because I like a LOT of music! And if I had to pick a band/ artist I'd never be able to decide. The Beatles, Nirvana, Marcy's playgroud, Coldplay, Simon& Garfunkel, Madonna, Leonard Cohen, The Parlotones, Karen Zoid, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groba, Nora Jones, Emminen even some stuff... you get the picture.
But my favourite classical composer is pretty easy. Frederic Chopin. And to add to the love I already had for him, they've recently started speculating that he might have had CF.
"19th century Polish-French composer Frederic Chopin died at the young age of 39. The generally accepted explanation for his death was that he succumbed to tuberculosis, but speculation has arisen in the last decade or so that Chopin may actually have suffered from cystic fibrosis. The argument makes sense when you put the pieces together. Historical accounts of Chopin’s health condition do fit the profile of CF. He was 5’7”, weighed a mere 140 pounds, and battled lung disease from early childhood. The fact that he fathered no children has led to suspicion that he may have been infertile. He also had a sister who died of lung disease in her teens."
You can read an interesting article here. I have just always love the way his piano music are so full of expression, and playing it if you're feeling down help, but also even when you're not, it's still just beautiful. (don't get me wrong, I don't play often anymore, but I used to). I played this piece for my grade 7 UNISA (university of South Africa) exam... one of my favourites.

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