Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 1 - A photo of you with 15 facts about yourself.

  1. Used to be quite serious about my gymnastics until I went to high school.
  2. Always fantasised about living on a farm as a child
  3. Was obessive about playing piano (and 3 recorders) and classical music in general through my school years. Wanted to become a composer.
  4. Never had any boyfriends at school, think I was seen as a nurd!
  5. The most "naughty" thing I ever did was get a tattoo at 16.
  6. Thought for many years that I didnt have CF and Drs had made a mistake.
  7. Favourite foods are : ribs, steak, salads, potato, lemon meringue pie, garlic bread, cheese, jelly babies, chips, fruit cake... sure I missed a few!
  8. Not a big pasta fan, but eat it because it's easy to make.
  9. Used to wish I lived like 200 years ago, until I realised they had no proper meds and I would've been dead long ago!
  10. I'm a cat person (as if you haven't noticed)
  11. Chris and I met on the internet.
  12. My blood pressure goes through the roof if I enter any Doctor's office, even if I know everything's fine. I get nightmares about medical stuff!
  13. My biggest fear in life right now is rejection or cancer!
  14. I was born 12 days early
  15. I never had proper swimming lessons, because of my health, my dad taught me in the neighbor's pool. Always loved swimming/splashing around, maybe because we've never had our own pool.

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Mizasiwa said...

I thought you met chris at church?
some interesting stuff... nice to get to know you better ;-)