Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to School!

OK so I've been back at work for a whole week. Definitely feeling rested after the trip with new energy for work! And energy I need because a new job is not easy! Every day gets better at least and feeling more comfortable as time goes by.

The weekend was SO NEEDED. Had a great time and slept late! On Sat was my friend Andrew's birthday lunch (braai). Really enjoyed being back in the SA sun! Nothing like a braai (BBQ) with great friends, new and old, speaking your own language (or at least your own accent!) and sitting in the sun in winter :-) On Sunday we had my parents over for another braai and some more sitting outside. Also did a tiny bit of gardening. Was so inspired by how pretty Annelie and Bernie's garden is in Chesham! It's obviously winter here and everything is dusty and bare, but have to start preparing for spring. Which is hopefully SOON. I'm over the cold mornings and going to work in the dark at 6am, even though we probably missed to wost of the cold!

Went back to gym yesterday as well. Lost 2kg, yay! Definitely from all the walking overseas, hope I can keep it off! Leg muscles sore after doing weights at the gym though! Going to be even more sore tomorrow, but will be back then on Thursday. Oh, and Friday it's 3 and a half years with the lungs!


Igor Mascarenhas said...

I'm from Brazil and i'm following every updated in your blog. I really like your posts and had to say congragulations for ur hard work in gym and in your new job. Nothing more beatiful than a great weekend that we deserve it.

thula jewelry (Jess) said...

well-done on losing 2kg!

great blog ♥