Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sorry for lack of posting, but been busy in London all week! Went in with the train every day Monday to Sat. WHAT A WEEK :-) Easiest is to give a day by day breakdown of what we did:

Monday: Met up with a friend from school James, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music and is still based in London and a brilliant pianist! We walked around Marlybone High street a bit and had breakfast there. We also walked around in Regents Park and tried to cool down in the shade (was a really hot day!). After that we did the hop on hop off bus sightseeing tour of London and also a boatride up the Thames.

Tuesday: Took another boat out to Greenwich. Walked to the Royal Observatory at the top of the hill and enjoyed some awesome views! Also popped in at the Greenwich Market. In the afternoon we did Tower of London. I was a bit disappointed because we didn't have enough time to do the tower properly, and it was SWARMING with tourists, we waited probably 45 mins just to see the crown jewels. So would like to do it again one day and be there first thing in the morning.

Wednesday: I left Chris at home as he had a sore leg, and braved Oxford Street for some shopping! Again loads of people and pushing, not the best shopping experience ever because of all the sales/crowds, but did get some nice stuff on those sales :-) Before Oxford Street I went to St Paul's cathedral, which was AWESOME. Climbed 580 stairs to the top (actually just 530, but was quite a way in when I realised I had forgotten my handbag where I was sitting staring at the dome! So had to run down and then start all over again.

Thursday: Chris and I went to the Science Museum. Really cool Museum and I went there in 2004 as well. Unfortunately it was the day before schools closed for summer holidays, so there were unruly kids EVERYWHERE. "In my day" you had to stay quiet and walk in single file in a museum, but that's clearly not the case here, lol.

Friday: Went to Covent Garden, and afterwards had lunch on Trafalgar Square. Wind was a bit bad, so gulped it down and went into the National Gallary. Only had time for the Impressionist/ Modern Wing, but was pretty cool. Then met up with a friend I've only ever had contact with on fb! She's also got CF, also from South Africa and we used to see the same Dr even in PE, but weren't allowed to meet back then because of infection risk! She lives in the UK now. Was really cool.

Saterday: Annelie and I went to Portabello Road Market in Notting Hill! Didn't see it in 2004 and really didn't want to miss it again on this trip, so dragged Annelie there with me! Was very nice, you can find some awesome antiques there if the crowds aren't too bad. Luckily we got there early, because when we left at 14h00 we could barely walk! Got some very nice original Alice in Wonderland collector's cards from 1930 that is all set up to be framed!

So today's the end of our long awaited trip. So sad :-( Can't wait to see the kitties again and miss my house, but that's about it! Oh and some friends and family :-) Will post some pics later!

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