Monday, December 12, 2011


Mid December ALREADY?? What the flip, can't believe it!!!! My Cape Town friend Helen got lungs on Friday night!!!!!!!!!! She had a rough start, lots of bleeding, also on ECMO, but seems like she's doing a bit better now. Please pray for a full recovery for her, and also Ninette, who is still on a ventilator and had some isuues the last week or so. I so badly want those 2 girls to be WELL and able to breathe and have a life! Their poor families are just waiting, not certain what the outcome will be :-(

Thank goodness this week is only 4 days (Friday is day of reconcilliation). Work been SOOOO cray these last 2 weeks. Last week I was working 12 hours a da without taking lunch for 4 out of 5 days basically! Didn't work quite as late today, managed to go to gym again after work which was nice. This weekend we're going away to a town about 3/4 hours away called Clarence in the Eastern Freestate. Very excited!

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