Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finally December :-)

My favourite month has arrived :-) Although the first day wasn't very successfull! Work was BUSY, got there just before 6h30 am and left at 17h15 without a lunchbreak. And traffic was horrible because it's raining a bit. Tired now and ready to do as little as possible for the rest of the evening.

Yesterday's check up went very well, lung function (fev1%) was 99%/100%. (first and second blows respectively). Very relieved, had a horrible nightmare on Monday night about have bronchitis and not being able to breathe :-( Stupid brain can really mess things up! That's why I really NEED to go for a check-up every 3 months!

The CF walk on Sunday was great, had a really good time walking it with Shaun and Alet (Shaun had his transplant earlier this year), and had brunch afterwards. Pic below is of me and Shaun... (I'm wearing my "recycle" lung shirt that I bought in Sweden!)

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Anonymous said...

Ek's ook bly dat dit Desember is - beteken dat my kuier by julle om die draai is! Kan nie meer wag nie!
Mis julle baie