Saturday, November 26, 2011

46 months

Tuesday marked another month with the lungies and another month closer to the big 4 years! Celebrated by going to gym (well would have gone to gym anyway), but wasn't particularly impressed with my workout, felt tired! Went to gym again today and was a bit better at least.

I attended the first year-end function at my "new" work last night. Was quite nice, didn't stay till late or drink, as I was driving home, but the food was nice and everyone enjoyed themselves (judging by facebook status updates this morning some people enjoyed themselves TOOO much, LOL).

This morning I spent 3 hours at the Dept of Home affairs to get a new ID document and passport (haven't officially changed my surname to Vogt yet, had to wait until after the Sweden/UK trip because my passport was still in Vosloo, and is expiring beginning of 2012 anyway, so decided to stick with the old passport until it expired.) Was not a fun experience, but at least it's DONE now.

Tomorrow morning is the annual CF walk at the zoo, looking forward to it! Always nice seeing friends and familiar faces again, and it also reminds me to be gratefull that my stunning lungs don't have CF anymore :-) Speaking of lungs, I have a check-up again on Wednesday. Would have been on the 5th of Jan, but got a call this week saying that the Dr's rooms will be closed, so had to reschedule, and 30 Nov turns out to be exactly 3 months after my previous check-up. Hope it goes well!!!

Will be posting pics of the walk...

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Anonymous said...

Well done, Alice.
Your cheerful blog and happy news always makes us smile as it's filled with positive hope : )