Tuesday, November 1, 2011

3 more sleeps!

Until I go to PE!! I almost typed "until I go back home", but PE hasn't been my home for a while now! It's already been 14 months since our house there was sold. Going to be my first time back there not going "home" to the house I grew up in :-( BUT going to see my sister's flat for the first time :-) Transplant has definitely changed my perspective on change... Even changes that make me sad (like the old house) has the positive side to it that I would not have been alive to experience this change was it not for the lungs. And the thought of completely missing out on any of those things make me MUCH sadder. Obviously possitive changes are even better!!! As is being alive to se my cousin and sister getting married!!

Ninette is still doing well, she's off the ECMO, but still has the ventilator (trachy). She's wide awake, standing, sitting in the chair, eating solid foods :-) The next big step is to get her breathing on her own!!

This week's busy at work, month end! So gym hasn't really happened yet, maybe tomorrow? Or Thursday hopefully. Friday we're flying so no gym :-) Hope you have a fabulous weekend too! I definitely will :-)

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