Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drakensberg and week

We left the Friday just after lunch, it's a 3.5 hour drive from Joburg to get there. We stopped for a burger as well and did some "adventure driving" on some really BAD roads!!! We got there just as the sun set, so couldn't fully appreciate the views until the next morning.They were however burning the mountain (controlled fire for the vegetation and safety) which made the air a bit smokey, but provided some amazing sights. Two of our friends from Joburg also arrived about an hour later, and we had pizza for supper at the resort followed by some card-playing until midnight. On the Sat monring we were hit by the breath-taking views. We made some nice brekkie and set off for the pool. Unfortunately the wind was quite bad and the weather HOT, so we couldn't really go hiking or anything. The afternoon was spent drinking and playing Monopoly instead! We did at least manage to go for a nice little drive before setting off to a YUMMY buffet supper.

On Sunday morning the weather looked promising.. no wind! We set off to the pool again, but about 30 mins after getting the the wind started again... It wasn't quite as bad as the previous day, so we also played some mini-golf, before going for another swim. Suzanne and Marcel set off back to Joburg after lunch on the Sunday, but Chris and I spent another night as we had put in leave for the Monday. We just relaxed and watched a movie, had supper and went to bed early. We left on Monday after breakfast and still had enough of the day left to do gardening and go to the bank once back in JHB! Very relaxing weekend indeed!

The rest of the week flew by, and last night one of our good friends who moved to Australia a year ago stopped by for a night before going to PE and Capr Town to see family! Was so nice to see her again, really miss her :-( Need to go visit them in Aus sometime... Don't know when though!!! So much stuff planned for next year already!! Maybe 2013?

Ninette is still improving slowly but surely!!! All the drains are out, lungs looking better every day on the xrays, and vent settings going down... The poor thing is bored out of her mind in ICU, so please pray that the vent comes out soon and she can move to a much nicer room in the ward!!!

What else? Oh I want to start my xmas shopping tomorrow! Before the shops get too crazy!! In a month's time my grandparents and sister will be flying up for Christmas!!! Can't wait :-) Will be working right through Xmas, but there's a long weekend in the middle of Dec (16th is Day of Reconcilliation) and then we'll be going away again to Clarence. Real Jetsetters :-)

Next weekend is the annual CF walk, also at the zoo. Always nice to see familiar faces again! I also need to go to the Dept of Home Affairs on Sat morning EARLY, as I need a new passport and ID book, in my not-so-new-anymore surname! Exciting time of the year ahead, will be putting up the Christmas tree soon!!!


Claire said...

When we were visiting South Africa from the US in 2000 that is where we stayed!! such a cool place :) Small world eh?

Alice Vogt said...

Wow that's such a coincidence!!!