Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Report Back

Apart for the horrible weather the weekend was very nice!!! The wind was gale-force THE WHOLE TIME, couldn't go down to the beach at all... definitely not the best wedding weather :-/ Nevertheless, the wedding was beautiful (even though the poor bride had to have her hair re-done after the photo's outside!!) But the wedding was still great, Elette looked STUNNING. And so special to see my grandparents and other family too.

Was also good to see some old friends again, really miss them, although not much the city at all... it just looked so bare and dead against Joburg with all the pretty Jacaranda's flowering right now! Was also nice seeing my sister's flat, so cute!

Yesterday the week started off with a bang, so much work! Today was much better at least, got to leave normal time and go to gym again. Can feel I haven't been there in like 10 days! Had a lovely random braai this evening (just me and hubby), I made yummy salad and potato bake and he braaied (BBQ for those who still haven't caught on) some sort of lamb thing which was DELICIOUS!!!

We're going away again this weekend to the Drakensberg, never been there before, can't wait! Have put in half-day leave on Friday and a whole day on Monday.

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