Saturday, December 31, 2011

The year that was 2011...

My 2011 Wishlist & resolutions were:


Be fitter than I was in the previous 3 years post transplant. Not that I was unfit, but I feel I have more in me. Obviously the fact that I work rather long hours suck, but that's where the self-discipline comes in. I want to swim more at the gym, and also do something I've always be too scared to do... attend a class at gym. Whether it's spinning or aerobics... try something in group format, because my lungs ARE AS GOOD AS EVERYONE ELSE'S, so I need to get out of the pre transplant mentality in that sense. I still think I won't keep up, although I just might.

I did 1 gym-class! Zumba... was easy to keep up with the rest of the class... should really go again!!! In general I might be a little bit fitter, started running a bit as opposed to just walking on the treadmill.

Go to the World Transplant Games in Sweden and bring back a medal again, it doesn't even have to be a gold one.

That I did, it wasn't a gold but a silver and bronze :-)

Continue to be vigilant about my health.


Make a change regarding work. Whether it's my job spec or my attitude/outlook, I want some sort of change.

Started a new job in June!!

Be a good wife to Chris! This is going to be the first year of living together, which is REALLY AWESOME! Definitely as great as I thought it was going to be.

You'll have to ask Chris, but I think so! Was good for me!


That this is a more successful year for lung transplant in SA than 2010 was in terms of numbers. I think they only did 4 lung transplants the entire year. I want Helen, Lucille, Salome, Gloria, Dominique and a few others to get lungs and have the same experience I've had.

They only did 4 again as far as I know, but 3 of those were my CF friends, Shaun, Ninette and Helen. Shaun is doing great, Ninette finally came out of ICU this week and is doing well! Helen is still holding on and fighting hard, please send prayers her way! Things seem to be improving though (she had a lot of trouble with bleeding and kidneys).

For my own health to stay as great as it's been thus far and even better in terms of my diabetes and gynae problems from previously. Or just not worse, LOL!

Check! Diabetic and gynae problems were a lot better!

For lots of fun and traveling!

Check! Apart from the overseas trip, we went to Klipplaatz, Drakensberg, PE, Cape Town and Clarens for short weekend trips.

Get a pet or 2 (at the moment thinking 2 kittens in the second half of the year).

Haha, we got the 2 kittens about 2 weeks after I posted this wishlist!!

That Chris and I can go to Sweden together and also visit Annelie in England afterwards.



This was probably the saddest part of the year for me... Bree passed away from some mysterious brain virus thing... trust her not to die of anything "normal". The transplant games weren't the same knowing her and Eve were supposed to be there. Evlyn couldn't come as she's got chronic rejection and on the waiting list for a new set of lungs :-( Really hope she gets them in 2012, them maybe I'll see her in 2013 in Durban... she'll definitely be there if she's got new lungs again!

So all in all 2011 was a fantastic year, we were extremely blessed. May 2012 prove to hold it's own against 2011!


Anonymous said...

You have done awesome, Alice.
May 2012 be a fabulous year :)

Anonymous said...

Het jou post eers 'n bietjie verkeerd gelees - dog julle wil nog twee katjies kry!

Mis julle!