Monday, October 8, 2012

2 sleeps and another new Dr

I was lucky to get an appointment with the 24-hr PH test Dr for tomorrow! Apparently I need to see her for a consult before the actual test. Hopefully then I'll know what to expect when I get back from my holiday. So that's good news at least. Haven't had any heartburn again Sice Thursday at least.

Weekend with the in-laws was great, had so much fun at Goldreef City Theme Park yesterday. Did practically all the rides and the hectic ones twice! (except for the last one, Tower of Terror... by that time the que was a bit long!) Real adrenalin junkie!

Anyways... just wanted to update on the reflux situation... have to go PACK FOR LONDON now!

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Anonymous said...

Have an awesome time, Ali. Enjoy every minute!